Footsteps Tours are all inclusive Wildlife tours through some of Africa’s most sought after destinations. All mentioned activities, accommodation, transport, food, an experienced tour leader/guide and more are part of the tour package.Our tours have all been carefully designed, after years of experience in the field, to showcase the highlights of each country in which we have chosen to operate, giving you a chance to truly grasp the feeling of each of these unique destinations.


For the more adventurous travellers – This style of safari gets you up close and personal with nature, setting up your own tent, roughing it and loving it!

Mixed Style

The best of both worlds – In our mixed style safari, you will bounce between classic camping and comfort nights in lodges.

Fully Accommodated

Safari in Style – staying in our chosen lodges, from mid-range to upmarket, you will be sure to love this comfortable safari style!

Tented Safari Camp

Our large, dome tents, equipped with comfortable sleeping stretchers, a mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and solar light are set up for the us prior to our arrival at camp and packed up after our departure – all of the benefits of camping with none of the work behind it.


The various lodges and hotels that we use have been cause because of their fantastic location, high standards service and facilities, great value for money and all round good experience offered.

Private Beach Villas

Private Beach Villas are the predominant accommodation types on our diving tours in South Africa and Mozambique, waking up in the luxury and comfort of a private beach house, just a stones throw away from the beach sand.

Our tours are are all conducted by professional guides, with years of experience and a great passion for what they do. On tour, your guide is also the tour leader, driver, cook, mechanic, entertainer and friend. We are proud of having some of the most experienced and most recommended guides in the African overland safari industry. All of our guides are full time partners of Footsteps, with the companies best interest at heart. Offering tailored tours in English, Spanish and Portuguese!

At Footsteps Through Africa, we have top of the range vehicles and camping equipment, custom made and perfectly suited for the tours that we run. We use our unique overland trucks for larger groups, in addition to 7 seater Land Cruisers for the smaller groups and classic style open safari vehicles for game drives in certain National Parks.

Vehicles and equipment
When booking a tour with Footsteps, you will be sent extensive information documents telling you everything you need to know about that specific tour. A few important basics are below:
  • Passport – Valid passport with at least 3 empty pages
  • Visas – all necessary Visa’s for the counties visited during the tour.
  • Travel Insurance – All guests travelling with FTA are required to have extensive travel insurance.
  • Inoculations – Ensure you have all necessary inoculations for the countries visited during the tour.

Footsteps Through Africa NPO is our very own non-profit organisation based in Rubuguri, Uganda.
When booking a tour with Footsteps, 5% of the proceeds go directly towards our community based health, education and development projects.

Our projects in Uganda are all funded (in addition to numerous annual donations) by the safari tours that we run throughout southern and eastern Africa – making a difference through tourism.