Community Volunteer

Assisting at our Footsteps Cultural Centre with guiding visitors, farm maintenance, Information centre development and business education with the local artists. Help us grow this initiative to have a positive impact on the community.

Duration: Minimum 1 week

Generally 5 days per week 08:30 – 16:00

Primary Role:
Manager and developer – Work with the centre members to help us reach our goals.
Other Roles:
Guiding visitors
Developing the information centre (research, posters, flyers)

Extra Curricular:
– Cultural
– Learn the local language, dances, arts and crafts.
– Community Clean-ups – Lead by example – join the community group to do village clean-ups.
Rubuguri sports club – Get involved the the sports and athletes club!

Being a Community volunteer gives you the opportunity to work hand in hand with the community centre members and visitors to the area to promote a broader knowledge of local history, culture, conservation and existing community projects.
You will help us reach our goals of creating can area for
 local artists to use as a workshop, as well as collaborate together to reach a common goal and provide them with a more sustainable market – through basic business training. As well as that, we aim to create a comfortable environment for tourists to get a better insight into the local cultures and way of life through our demonstration farm, information centre and various workshops.


The Community Centre:


Volunteering in the Community field, you will work primarily at the Footsteps Community Centre. This has been created on our beautiful piece of land, neighbouring Karungi Logde. Here, we have built a community farm, showcasing all of the local produce and staple diet foods farmed in the area, through efficient farming methods. This benefits locals (through the efficient farming methods) and educates visitors about the process and efforts behind subsistence farming
We are in the process of building the Rubuguri Information centre, where locals and tourists alike can learn more about the local history, cultures, conservation of Bwindi forest, arts and crafts through an interactive tour through the community centre.


While volunteering here, you will spend your time at the cultural centre, assisting with general maintenance of the farm (harvesting, planting, weeding, etc) and development of the information centre. You will also spend time doing research on the history of the area and Bwindi Forest and interviewing village elders to gain an insight to local beliefs and customs, your research will be displayed on posters and flyers in the information centre.
Being a popular tourist area, your role will also be to guide tourists through the centre on their interactive experience here where they will learn about the local arts and crafts by the artist who are members of the community centre.

As a volunteer with Footsteps Through Africa, you will work hand in hand with the community to make our projects as successful and impactful as possible and help us to reach our goals.

Volunteer Role:

typical day:


Your typical day here will be spent doing a bit of farming, while also guiding the odd tourists that visit the centre through our projects there, introducing them to our local artists who will teach them more about the arts and crafts and how they are made.
You will spend a portion of each day doing research about the history of the area and interviewing some of the village elders about life in Rubuguri over the generations – This information will be documented.
Community work also involves initiating various beneficial projects to the community, such as recycling and community clean-ups. Working with the community to uplift the general well being in the area.



Combine you programme – Although you are volunteering in the Community field, you are more than welcome to spend time at any one of our other projects in the area. If you feel like you need a break from the community centre, you are welcome to spend some at the school, play a game of soccer with the kids, or go on one of the many hikes in the surrounding area to free your mind.
MARKET DAY – Friday’s are ‘market day’ in Rubuguri, when people from DRCongo, Rwanda and surrounding vilages all come to Rubuguri to set up temporary shops, selling anything from food to clothes, kitchen supplies, arts and crafts or even goats and pigs. We encourage all of our volunteers to get involved in the market day to get to know a bit more about the way of life here.

additional info

A Typical Day Itinerary:

This is a rough daily schedule for Community volunteers.

07:30 – Light breakfast of fruits, cereal and chapatti at the camp.
08:00 – Short walk to the Community Centre.
08:00 – 10:30 – General Farm maintenance
10:30 – 11:00 – tea break
11:00 – 13:00 – Centre development with community members
13:00 – 13:45: Lunch break. Return to Karungi Camp for lunch with the rest of the volunteers.
14:00 – 16:30: This is the time when most tourists finish Gorilla trekking and will visit the community centre. Your role will be to guide them through the interactive centre tour.
17:00 – 18:00: If it is a day where you doing research and interviews, you will use this time to make a bit o pogress
19:30: Dinner.

After dinner, the rest of the day is yours. All volunteers are required to fill out a daily logbook, explaining how you spent your day, progress made and general feedback. As long as that has been done, you are welcome to go across to the local village bar for a game of pool and a drink and make some friends from the community.