volunteer in Health

Assisting with general well being, public health, blood tests and education with our local medical staff. Help us improve the general medical standards in Rubuguri.

Duration: Minimum 1 week

Generally 5 days per week 08:30 – 16:00

Primary Role:
Medical and Healthcare assistant – Provide medical care to the community and education of local medial staff.
Other Roles:
– Public health in the community library
Attend to any emergencies that might occur.

Extra Curricular:
– Cultural
– Learn the local language, dances and arts &crafts.
– Community Clean-ups – Lead by example – join the community group to do village clean-ups.
Rubuguri sports club – Get involved the the sports and athletes club!

Volunteering in health is a very important form of volunteering. Medical standards,medical training and equipment are all difficult to acquire in rural parts of Uganda, and all additional knowledge and skills go a long way!
This will give you a chance to have a positive impact on the level of medical care received by the community of Rubuguri. By further training the local medical staff, you will permanently improve the level of care here, as well as promote general well being to the community by providing resources and skills that would otherwise be unavailable.

The Clinic


Volunteering in the medical field, you will work primarily at the ‘Bwindi Health Link’ medical clinic. A small private clinic started up by a medical officer from the village and supported by Footsteps Through Africa. This is a very small, basic clinic with limited infrastructure. It was started up with the intention of providing the community with good quality health/medical care for a low cost. Bwindi Health Link caters for people in the community who cannot afford medical care at the government clinic in the area. Individuals utilizing the service here are asked to pay whatever they can afford, even if this means the services given are free – putting the well being of the community first.


While volunteering here, you will spend the majority of your time assisting the local medical staff at the clinic as well as further educating them on medical practices (primarily hygiene). You will also have the opportunity to spend some time working at the close by government clinic, a much larger clinic, giving you the chance to see and learn about the operations and standards at this type of facility. In addition to that, you are able to host public health seminars in our community library, where many community members will attend to learn about nutrition, hygiene and general well being.
As a volunteer with Footsteps Through Africa, you will work hand in hand with the community to make our projects as successful and impactful as possible and help us to reach our goals.

Volunteer Roles:

typical day:


Bwindi Health Link is generally open 7 days a week. You will usually work 5 days per week, you will spend the majority of your day at the clinic (occasionally spending a day at the government clinic) servicing some of the patients that come for check-ups or treating injuries/wounds. In addition to that, you will further educate the local medical staff to improve the medical standards and promote a broader knowledge of medical practices at the clinic. You are also encouraged to assist in any emergencies that might occur after hours.
On certain days, you are able to host public health seminars in the community library to educate individuals in the community about general well being.


Combine you programme – Although you are volunteering in the Health field, you are more than welcome to spend time at any one of our other projects in the area. If you feel like you need a break from the clinic, you can go to do some agriculture, guiding or maintenance at the community centre, play a game of soccer with the kids, spend some time teaching at the school or go on one of the many hikes in the surrounding area to free your mind.
MARKET DAY – Friday’s are ‘market day’ in Rubuguri, when people from DRCongo, Rwanda and surrounding vilages all come to Rubuguri to set up temporary shops, selling anything from food to clothes, kitchen supplies, arts and crafts or even goats and pigs. We encourage all of our volunteers to get involved in the market day to get to know a bit more about the way of life here.

additional info

A Typical Day Itinerary:

This is a daily schedule for a common combination of Medical and Community volunteers.

08:00: Light breakfast of fruits, cereal and chapatti at the camp.
08:30: Short walk to the clinic  (±10minutes).
09:00: Go over general administration and logistics for the day and begin your days work.
11:30: Tea break.
13:30: Return to Karungi Camp for lunch with the rest of the volunteers. (Other volunteers will return from their activities at the same time for lunch break).
END OF DAY AT CLINIC (if combining 2 volunteer programmes)
14:30 – 17:00: Time at the community centre/ doing community centre duties (see ‘community programme’)
17:00: If it is a day where you hosting  reading classes or extra lessons, you will head across to the library and prepare, alternatively this is the end of day and you can head back to Karungi or go exploring 🙂
19:30: Dinner.

After dinner, the rest of the day is yours. All volunteers are required to fill out a daily logbook, explaining how you spent your day, progress made and general feedback. As long as that has been done, you are welcome to go across to the local village bar for a game of pool and a drink and make some friends from the community.