What we do

FOOTSTEPS THROUGH AFRICA is an African safari company, specialising in conducting adventure tours throughout Southern and Eastern Africa. With a combination of over 30 years of experience in African safaris, our team of specialists will be sure to give you the best safari tour in Africa in some of the continent’s most sought after destinations, giving people around the world a chance to experience how Africa captures your heart.
Our tours support all of our ongoing community projects as well as funding all the administration costs of our non-profit company based in Uganda.

How it all began...

Footsteps Through Africa was founded by Jo Cooper in Rubuguri, Uganda, in 2015.
After spending many years working as a tour guide and travelling all over Southern and East Arica, Jo got to know countless needy communities all around the continent, but it wasn’t until he met Stella, a 12 year old orphan in Uganda, whose dedication to her education inspired Jo and opened his eyes to how much a little bit of help can go along way.
At the age of 12, Stella had joined a local singing and dancing group to try to make enough money to put herself through school, as she had nobody supporting her. After hearing about this, Jo offered to sponsor her schooling…the appreciation shown, not just by her, but the entire community was overwhelming. That was the start of Footsteps Through Africa’s first project, a student sponsorship program, and from that, Footsteps was born.
Since founding Footsteps Through Africa, we have initiated numerous other projects in the area. A community library in Rubuguri provides the community with reading material for the first time; supporting the local medi-clinic assists wit the medical standards; assisting a local school improves education facilities and our cultural centre is a fantastic space for locals and tourists alike.

Footsteps Tours begins

Jo’s passion and experience lie’s in conducting wildlife tours through Southern and Eastern Africa. So when it came to finding a way to fund the non-profit work that we do, running specialised Footsteps Tours was the natural way to go.
We now run ± 20 tours per year through 10 different countries, giving people from all corners of the globe a chance to experience just what is so special about this magnificent continent.
5% of what is paid for each tour is a direct contribution towards our on-going projects, having a direct impact on the community that we support.

Meet the team