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What we want to avoid, is presuming the needs of people living in these communities. Rather, we want to learn from the local communities, by living with the people here and getting to know them, what would best benefit the people of each particular community and do whatever we can to provide it.

We also aim to empower these communities by providing jobs and helping develop existing community projects.

Unlike most NGO’s, Footsteps Through Africa puts every cent donated directly towards our ongoing and new projects. The running of our organisation and all payments involved with it are completely independently funded. When you donate towards Footsteps Through Africa, you will receive an email with the details of exactly which project your donation is contributing towards and all progress can be followed on our Facebook page, Instagram and on our blog.

School Development:

Our school development initiative focuses on bettering the education facilities for the young children and future leaders of the beautiful communities supported by Footsteps Through Africa.

Depending on the needs of each particular community, school development could range from something as small as providing the students with a plate of food for lunch everyday, to building extra classrooms or even an entire school.

With support from the public, in just 1 year Footsteps Through Africa has been able to provide a school in Western Uganda with lunch for the students everyday, school supplies to last the teachers and students an entire year and build a school library and fill it with it with text books.

Our biggest and most recent accomplishment is the construction of our first ever Footsteps School!!! This is being build at Lake Malawi, and will provide over 100 students with a place with attend school in their village.

Orphanage Development:

We first introduced this initiative to help some of the orphanages in the communities we support to make sure these little orphans are well fed and clothed. After seeing the awesome success in that, Orphanage Development has grown into something much greater, and we have been able to change the lives of some of these orphans in a bigger and longer lasting way.

Through donations, we have been able to provide a small orphanage in Western Uganda with bedding for all of the orphans, ablution facilities, a new classroom and education facilities.

We hope that, with support from the public, we will be able to help many more orphanages like this, giving some of these young kids a better chance at a successful future.

Random Acts of Kindness:

Random Acts of Kindness is an initiative whereby we help random individuals or communities better their lives in some small way. Whether it be handing out donated clothes and food in small communities, building a community libraries to provide the people of the area with access to books to read and further their education, or our most amazing random act of kindness thus far, giving an 18 year old paraplegic his first ever wheelchair…freedom for the first time.

We hope that Random Acts of Kindness can grow to the point where we can provide communities with running water, medical supplies, bedding, and plenty more.

By supporting this initiative, you are really contributing, on a more personal level, to truly better the lives of some amazing people and communities with what they really need on a daily basis.

Cultural Centres:

By helping communities start up and run fully sustainable cultural centres, we will be able to provide jobs and an income for many members and families of the communities, as well as giving tourists an opportunity to get an ethical insight into the some of the incredible cultures of Africa in a very comfortable environment.

Tourists that visit these awesome cultural centres will have an amazing time getting to know the people of these communities and spending some time getting know their cultures and histories. You will also be able to spend time learning about the local foods and how they are prepared, as well as the local arts and crafts and how they are made, or even learn some of the local dances. Truly a magnificent experience.

Student Sponsorship:

Our student sponsorship program is where Footsteps Through Africa first began. The dedication that some of these young students have for their education, and their aspirations for great futures is what made me decide to start helping people in struggling communities of Africa.

We currently have 20 amazing, dedicated students being sponsored to go to school. All donations to this initiative go towards keeping these students in the best school of their district in Uganda.

Any donations beyond what is needed for their school fee’s go towards school supplies and food to support them all year round. With enough support, we are hoping to start a small college fund to help these incredible little humans get a tertiary education.

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