Safari in Kafue National Park

Botswana is the ultimate safari destination, and one of the first countries associated with memorable journeys into pristine wilderness. Its crown jewel, the Okavango Delta, is definitely one for the Bucket List. This extraordinary series of waterways fanning through a parched inland area before trickling to nothing in the sands of the Kalahari. The impact of this life-giving oasis on the wildlife is remarkable. Botswana is a wildlife destination and a two-week safari will enable visitors truly to immerse themselves in the incredible variety of eco-systems across the country. With an astonishing range of camps from luxury lodges, to rustic tented camps, Botswana never fails to impress.

Moremi Game Reserve Safari

Botswana is arguably the best wildlife destination on the African continent, if not, the world! With roughly 70% of the country dedicated to national parks and protected conservation areas, it is no secret why this might be the case. Botswana’s dedication to conservation and harmonious living between the people and wildlife has made it a wildlife destination second to none.
From the massive water systems of the Okavango Delta and the Chobe river in the north of the country, teeming with life all year round, to the vast emptiness of the Makgadikgadi salt pans and Kalahari desert in the south, where animals have adapted to the harsh conditions, Botswana has it all!


The seasons in Botswana are indistinct. Rains generally start in October or November and persist through to March or April. Within that period there may be long dry spells. In April, temperatures begin to fall and May is generally regarded as the first month of the dry, cool winter, characterised by clear sunny days and cold nights. Spring begins in August and temperatures rise rapidly during the hot, dry period of September, October and November until the rains again break.

Footsteps Through Africa ony runs tours in Botswana between the months of June and October, when coonditions are ideal for the best widlife sightings and overall experience – avoiding the extreme, hot summer months and rainy season.


June – October: Dry season, offering great conditions to travel Botswana. The Delta has generally flooded by June, offering plenty of water, while the temperature remains comfortable before the hot summer months.

Okavango Delta walking safai
  • Multiple morning and afternoon safaris
  • Scenic flights
  • Bush walks (walking safari)
  • Mokoro cruises
  • Boat safari
  • Chobe river
  • Okavango Delta
  • Bird watching
Zambia Safari

Population: 2.2 million

Capital City: Gaborone

Currency: Pula (± $1 = 11 Pula)

Area: 581 730 km sq.

Industries: Tourism, mining (diamonds)

Languages: English & Tswana

Safari in Botswana

14 Days / 14 Nights

Johannesburg - Livingstone

€3195.00 p/person
(Fully accommodated)

Breakfast x 14
Lunch x 12
Dinner x 10

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