Volunteer in Uganda

If you are keen to get more involved with some of our Footsteps projects and get to know this incredible community in Uganda, come and join us for our volunteer program!
In Rubuguri, we have started up programmes in various “areas of need”. As a Footsteps volunteer, you will have a chance to experience volunteering at all of our ongoing projects in the area, from teaching at the primary school to assisting with health and medical care at the clinic, hosting reading classes or public health seminars at the library or managing the community centre
We are looking for enthusiastic, flexible people with open minds and a keen sense of adventure to come and live in the beautiful village of Rubuguri and work with the communities to help develop our projects.

Location – Rubuguri Village
(south west Uganda)

Rubuguri Village is the place where Footsteps Through Africa first began. Nestled just outside the lush and mountainous Bwindi forest, it is an incredibly green and fertile area, with some beautiful hikes and lakes scattered around it, lots to explore! This quaint village and welcoming community is where all of our Uganda projects are based and will be your home for the duration of your stay with us.


Karungi Lodge
You will be accommodated at our sister company, Karungi lodge, which is a rustically beautiful, locally run lodge in Rubuguri and within walking distance to all of our projects. You will be provided with 3 meals per day, a comfortable bed and a (sometimes) hot shower! You will have the opportunity to meet and work with Gordy, our Footsteps Manager, who lives at Karungi Camp. Gordy is always around to make sure you feel at home and are enjoying your time with us.

Life in Rubuguri


Rubuguri is a small rural village an hours drive through the mountains on worn, gravel roads to the closest town. Life here is quiet and peaceful, many families rely on subsistence farms on the fertile land for a nutritious diet. Bordering on Bwindi Forest, the main source of income here is tourism, There is internet access in the village and essentials can be purchased here, but any major items must be purchased in town.

Extra Curricular

While volunteering with, the are a number of extra curricular activities that we encourage all of our volunteers to get involved in.
Cultural: Participate in Rukiga (local Language) lessons twice a week, as well as weaving and wood carving lessons from the local artists at our cultural centre.
Community Clean-up: Join the community for the weekly community cleanup, picking up plastic around the village and turning it into plastic bricks.
Athletics Club: Join the Rubuguri Athletics club for their weekly practice on the sports field.
Community Library: Volunteers take turns supervision the children in the community Library which is open 3 times per week.


Uganda also has a huge amount to offer in terms of tourism, and Rubuguri, just next to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (home to the Silverback Gorillas) is in the heart of it all. So during your time volunteering, you will have the opportunity to go

  • Gorilla Trekking
  • Climb the Volcano’s
  • Chimpanzee Trekking
  • Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Visit Lake Bunoyoyi, and more

All Optional activities are organised and facilitated by our Volunteer manager, Gordy. He will always be around to ensure you are comfortable and feeing at home in Rubuguri,

cost of volunteering

US$350 Per week
The volunteer program is NOT a profitable program for Footsteps, and we really love and appreciate all the work our volunteers do here. However, your accommodation and food costs must be paid for from your side as well as any optional activities that you do.
The cost of volunteering includes:
Accommodation: in a really nice and comfortable lodge at our sister company called Karungi Lodge
Food: 3 meals per day (as well as coffee and tea)
Transport: all the transfer costs to and from the airport when you arrive and leave.

Programme Requirements:

We are able to accommodate 8 volunteers at a time. We would love to accept as many volunteers as possible, however, when working with children you can never be too careful, therefore there are certain requirements for anybody wanting to volunteer with us Footsteps:

  • Education: High school level
  • Criminal background clearance: For insurance purposes, it is necessary for all volunteers to declare a clear criminal background check.
  • Languages: English at an intermediate level.
  • Time constraint: When volunteering in education, you are required to stay for a minimum of 1 month
  • Other Skills: It is always helpful to have skills in various fields. Agriculture, teaching, general health, business, first aid are all fields of expertise that could be put to good use with our projects.
  • Travel Insurance: All Footsteps volunteers are required to have extensive travel insurance.
  • Application Form: All prospective volunteers are required to fill out an application to motivate their reasons for volunteering and assure us of their intentions during their stay,

Getting There:

It can sometimes me intimidating arriving in a new country, on a new continent! We will ensure that you feel comfortable and at home from the moment you arrive.

Flying to Kigali(recommended):
Kigali airport in Rwanda is the closest international airport to Rubuguri, just a quick 2 hour drive away.
You will be met at the airport by our Footsteps manager, Gordy, who will accompany you in the taxi for the across to Uganda and assist you with all of the border crossing procedures.
Once in Uganda, you will have a quick stop in Kisoro town to grab a few essentials (such as a sim card) before taking the beautiful mountain road to Rubuguri village.
When you arrive, you will be welcomed to your new home at Karungi lodge and made to feel right at home. You will have a chance to rest and when you are ready, you will be shown around the projects and have an extensive briefing about your time with us.

(You are welcome to fly into Entebbe Airport, however, it involves a long 10 hour bus ride across the country to reach Rubuguri Village.)


A day in rubuguri village. This short clip was made by Footsteps Through Africa’s first ever volunteers. They spent 3 weeks in 2015 enjoying the beautiful landscapes and friendly community in Rubuguri.

Thanks again Simon and Rohini!