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Uganda Tour: 16 Days

9 July – 24 July

10 June – 25 June
1 July – 16 July

US $2145 + $600 gorilla permit

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Uganda has been dubbed “The Pearl of Africa.” Not only is it home to the world-famous Big 5, and some of the world’s last remaining Great Apes; it also has an impressive list of natural features, making it a destination of supreme diversity. Within its borders, Uganda boasts Lake Victoria – the largest lake in the world; the Rwenzori Mountains – among the highest in the world; one of the last remaining true rain forests; and Murchison Falls – one of Africa’s most prestigious National Parks set alongside the world’s longest river – the Nile. All these things aside, it is said that the reason it has been dubbed The Pearl, is because of the people of Uganda. After a year spent travelling the country, Jo – Footsteps founder and tour leader – realised exactly why that may be so. The Ugandan people truly do capture your heart.

On a tour of this nature and in a location such as this, you need to remember the golden phrase…T.I.A (This Is Africa)!!! You need to have an open mind and expect the unexpected. Roads may be closed, the truck may break down and days in the itinerary may change due to unexpected phenomenon’s…embrace the wild cards that Africa deals us and enjoy the Adventure!

This 16 day tour is an ALL inclusive adventure around Uganda.
Accommodation, transport, food, a qualified tour guide, all below mentioned activities and more are part of the tour package.

Gorilla Trekking:

Trek through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in search of some of the worlds last remaining 700 Mountain/Silverback Gorillas.

Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Explore the open plains of Queen Elizabeth National Parkin search of the infamous big 5, including the incredibly rare tree-climbing lions endemic to this area.

Chimpanzee Trekking:

Spend a full day in the lush Kibale forest nestled in Africa’s 3rd largest mountain range, the Rwenzori’s and home to Africa’s largest population of Chimpanzee’s.

Murchison Falls:

Spend 2 days exploring one of Africa’s most prestigious National parks, Murchison Falls, home to a very impressive Elephant, Lion and Giraffe population, as well as visiting the mighty falls themselves, one of worlds most powerful surge’s of water.

Boat Cruises:

Enjoy 3 boat cruises exploring the waterways of Uganda: Including the worlds longest river, the Nile, Uganda’s deepest lake, Lake Bunyoni and Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria.

Community Involvement:

Get to know the community benefitting from this FTA tour and get involved the projects supported and funded by Footsteps Through Africa.

Rhino Trekking:

Spend a morning Tracking and viewing these gentle giants on foot.

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