The projects initiated by Footsteps Through Africa are all community requested projects. What we avoid, is presuming the needs of people living in these communities. Rather, we learn from the local communities what would best benefit the people of each particular community and do what we can to assist in making it possible..
We also aim to empower these communities by providing jobs and helping develop existing community projects.
Footsteps Through Africa puts every cent of monetary donations  directly towards our ongoing projects. The running of our organisation and all payments involved with it are independently funded by FOOTSTEPS TOURS.


Our education projects in Rubuguri village, Uganda, is where Footsteps all began back in 2015 – with our student sponsorship program.
Now, we have managed to start up and successfully run a number of education projects in the area through the help of numerous generous donations, contributions from Footsteps Tours and our all important education volunteer program that runs annually between June and September.

  • Libraries – We have built 2 libraries and filled them with books of all kinds – a community library in the centre of the village, open to everyone, where reading classes for both adults and children take place on a weekly basis. In addition to a school library at one of the local primary schools which we filled with tect books of every subject – the only text books available to the students here.
  • School development – We have assisted in the building of 2 different schools in the area – Our education volunteers spend a lot of their time teaching here!
  • Student sponsorship – Through Footsteps Tours contributions and annual donations, we have managed to successfully put 22 students through school thanks to our student sponsorship program.


Our community projects kicked off in 2017 when we secured our very own piece of land in Rubuguri village. The aim of our community projects is to assist with small business development in the tourism sector through our cultural centre, as well as helping some of the more underprivileged families with an area to farm their own crops at our community farm.

  • Cultural centre – At our cultural centre, we have built a workshop and display area for 2 of the local artisan groups, namely, “The Women of Hope” and “Mikes boys”
    These are 2 groups of artists who started small businesses selling hand made arts and crafts to tourists visiting the nearby mountain gorillas.
  • Community Farm – The community farm is a large piece of our Footsteps land that has been set aside for growing all sorts of local fruit and vegetables. The produce grown here is free of charge for any members of the community that don’t have their own land for farming (subsistence  farming contributing largely to the day to day life of people living here)



We have been running a volunteer program in Rubuguri village since our projects started to really take off in 2017, and more and more hands where needed to keep things going!
Whether it be teaching at the school, conducting reading classes at the community library or getting your hands dirty while helping develop the cultural centre, you will have an unforgettable time while in this incredible, little village!

Footsteps Through Africa acts as a bridge between enthusiastic volunteers and the community of Rubuguri. If you would like to get more involved with some of our projects and spend more time in this beautiful area, we will be happy to assist in making it happen.

Footsteps Through Africa does not benefit financially from the volunteer program, however your accommodation and food expenses will be at your own expense. Please contact us for more information about our volunteer program